The mission of the Automated Software Engineering Research (ASER) Group is: "Automated software engineering applies computation to software engineering activities. The goal is to partially or fully automate these activities, thereby significantly increasing quality, productivity, and architectural integrity. Our mission as a research group is to put forward this goal in solution lifecycle based on model-driven approaches."


The ASER Group is dedicated to:

  • Fostering innovative basic and applied research in automated software engineering
  • Working with established companies to develop effective and efficient solution development lifecycle
  • Educating the next gener ation of software researchers and practitioners in advanced software engineering

 Research Emphases:

The group's research emphases include: Model-Driven Software Development, Software Architecture, Service-Oriented Modeling, Product Line Engineering


ASER Research Group, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Shahid Beheshti University

Evin, Tehran, I.R. IRAN, 1983963113